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What’s a Toubab?

You might be a toubab if….

you live in West Africa, but you’re not from West Africa

you don’t brush your teeth with a stick

you have a four-wheel drive vehicle with air conditioning, working turn signals, and seats that are still securely bolted to the floor

you think 10.000 CFA is a good price for a tie-dyed wrap skirt

you use your left hand for anything other than wiping

you’ve showed up at a store at 2 p.m. on a Friday and expected it to be open

you’ve ever asked for ice at a restaurant, or assumed that everything on the menu was actually available

you’ve been given a piece of candy at the grocery store or buutik in lieu of change because the change drawer is empty

you show up on time to anything and then get frustrated when everyone else comes 45 minutes late

you’ve burned your fingers trying to make attaya

you’ve been laughed at by little kids for your attempts to eat from the common bowl with your hands

If you’ve ever tried to “fit in” in another culture (or hey, even your own) but never quite felt at home…if you’ve been able to laugh at yourself and your awkward attempts to assimilate…and if you’ve ever surprised yourself with your own resilience and allowed yourself to be surprised by life among people different from you…

Then welcome — you’re a toubab.

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