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When 85 degrees isn’t 85 degrees

* Today’s weather post is brought to you by the dying hiss of a fan as the power goes out for the third time in the past hour, your high school geometry class, and that friend in the U.S. who says, “Oh, yeah, it’s 85 degrees here, too. It’s soooo hot.” * I love it when I’m visiting the States and people ask me, “So, is it, like, really hot over there where you live?” I LIVE ON THE EDGE OF THE SAHARA DESERT. I’m pretty sure hell has cooler days than we do. But I’ve come to understand that “hot” can look very different, depending on where you’re standing on the planet, and depending on lots of magical atmospheric alchemy stuff that pretty much only a scientist can explain. Let me just qualify this by saying that I’ve experienced plenty of places with hot weather. I’ve been to deep

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