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Tabaski Sheep Cheat Sheet

While most of you are going about your regular Monday business — school and work and rush hour traffic and whatnot — today is Tabaski (also called Eid in other parts of the Muslim world), the biggest holiday of the year here in Senegal. Think Christmas-in-the-US-level celebration — only instead of buying a Christmas tree, you buy a sheep. For real: here’s one of the city’s hundreds of pop-up sheep lots (trust me, they don’t smell as good as Christmas trees):   So maybe you know the story from the Bible about that time Abraham said to his son, “Hey, let’s go climb this mountain together to make a sacrifice to God.” And about halfway up, the kid, who is obviously very perceptive, is like, “Uh, Dad? Did we forget something? A sheep? A pigeon? ‘Cause we don’t have anything to sacrifice.” In the end, everything works out ok —

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