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“Would You Rather…” Wednesday

So it’s Wednesday…the perfect day for a little game of “Would You Rather?”

Today’s question: Would you rather deal with cockroaches (palmetto bugs for those of you who prefer fancy names for your insects) or ants in your kitchen?

Here are the arguments:

ANTS: You are chopping a piece of fruit on a cutting board and within two nanoseconds there is a mass of tiny, schizophrenic ants swarming your countertop.  Every food item in your pantry must be sealed in Fort Knox-level plastic bags or tupperware to keep them out. Even sealed jars of peanut butter are no match for these hungry scavengers.

COCKROACHES: Scare the crap out of you when you go to get a drink in the middle of the night and turn on the kitchen light. They fly, crawl all over your silverware, plates, and utensils, and make a horrible crunching noise when meeting the sole of a flip flop.

True story: our kitchen food scale was on the fritz…it wouldn’t zero out and the numbers kept bouncing around. We couldn’t figure out what the problem was until one day I was trying to smash a cockroach and it ran up under the scale.

“Hey Rick,” I said. “I think I know why the kitchen scale isn’t working.”

He proceeded to empty a nest of cockroaches out of the scale. By the time the fifteenth cockroach got knocked into the toilet, we decided to just throw the whole thing out. .02 ounces of cockroach is .02 ounces too much.

What’s your vote?

3 comments On “Would You Rather…” Wednesday

  • Ants. Definitely ants.

    They may be more numerous, but they don’t fly (usually!), and they just squish. I’m sure they crunch on some microcosmic level but I can’t hear it. Cockroaches crunch like you’ve just killed a small turtle or other cute and easily anthropomorphized tiny animal.

    I. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

    • lol, yep. Squishing cockroaches is awful! But right now ants are the bane of my existence. They are in everything and everywhere…went to refill a water bottle with filtered water and realized that ants were crawling all over the inside of the bottle. Ugh!

  • Um……can we cover the ants in chocolate?

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